IT CYBERTRONICA is a team of leading specialists from the whole world. We serve our partners from our offices in Novokuznetsk, Moscow, Tel Aviv and Passau. We unite the strategy of high level with the possibility of implementation and technological innovations which you find in our product.

"Future does not create us but we build. We overcome ourselves, the space and the time on the way to the dreams. And there is no greater pleasure than reaching goals, gaining success and seeing results of your "

General Director
Andrew Zagainov CEO, General director
Artem Tarasov
Artem Tarasov Technical Director, Team Lead
Zillner Viktoriya
Zillner Viktoriya Germany Office Director
Zahar Egorov
Zahar Egorov Israel Office Director
Gleb Logunov
Gleb Logunov Frontend Leader
Vitaliy Khaidarov
Vitaliy Khaidarov Web Developer
Liza Lomakina
Gonenko Nadya Chief Accountant
George Taskabulov
George Taskabulov Python Developer
Svetlana Astafyrova
Svetlana Astafyrova HR Manager
Julia Tsipkina
Yuliya Tsypkina Manager of digital projects

Our motivation

The team of IT CYBERTRONICA owns determination, energy and experience to solve any problem. We are people who live for what we do. We enjoy the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the tasks of our partners and solve them successfully.

ITCYBERTRONICA employee listening in a meeting
ITCYBERTRONICA employee working at her desk with a blue wall
Photo of two ITCYBERTRONICA employees in Toronto working
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